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13 maj 2021

Från Världs-WIZO:s ordförande, Anita Friedman, kommer följande meddelande till följd av den allvarliga situationen i Israel.

What we here in WIZO can do is to care for those we serve and protect. In the middle of this chaos, we will continue to shine a light of love, tolerance, and inclusion. That is our tradition, the WIZO way. To this, we are totally devoted – and nothing will keep us from fulfilling our mission and obligation to Israeli society.

What you can do is support Israel and WIZO in every way possible. Israel is being tested, and the solidarity of the Jewish people is being tested as well. We know that you, our sisters in dozens of countries around the globe, will always stand steadfastly behind us. Behind the State of Israel. Behind WIZO.

Many WIZO projects are closed
With the escalating security threats, an increased number of WIZO projects and centers were closed yesterday: 117 day care centers, 6 of our schools and youth villages were partially or fully closed; and 72 WIZO Israel projects – mainly centers and second-hand clothing shops – were closed as well. Thousands of Israeli children, youth, women, and families were unable to benefit from WIZO’s services for a second day. Tomorrow does not look to be better.

We will continue to bring you stories and updates from our projects around the country, and we encourage you to check our World WIZO social media pages and share these stories to your federation pages. Each one paints a small, local picture of what is happening in WIZO.

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