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Det finns en aldrig sinande källa med rörande och fantastiska vittnesmål om hur insatser från WIZO gör skillnad och bidrar till förändringar som hjälper barn, ungdomar och kvinnor till ett bättre liv.

Vittnesmål av kvinna
utsatt för våld i nära relationer

From the testimony of Sigal (pseudonym), a graduate of WIZO’s “Safety Net” program, for survivors of domestic violence:

“I decided I wanted to leave my husband, but I did not have my parents’ support.

I had three small children and had been victim of violence for years.

The violence began after my eldest son was born. There was a lot of verbal abuse, and his refusal to help with the housework and childcare.

My parents thought I should do everything to keep things good at home.

One day I got sick and my condition just got worse and worse. I was in bed for a month …

He did not bring me food, and was angry at me, saying ”that I did it on purpose and that the burden of housework falls on him.”

I was running out of strength. One day I noticed there was a phone by my bed … In the afternoon I found out that my eldest son, who was 6 at the time, had left the phone there.

When I asked him what the phone was doing there, he told me: ”If you need help, call me at the kindergarten.” At that moment I decided that I had to recover and needed to get out of the marriage.

By the time I got to the hospital, I was in critical condition. It took me a month and a half to recover from pneumonia, and the whole time he kept saying that I was making it all up.

Today the loneliness is great.

The messages he conveyed to the children, his turning them against me, affect my relationship with them to this day. This has caused me tremendous anguish. It was I, after all, that raised them.

I started building an independent life for me and my children, alone. Although I had help from professionals, I was alone with my inner fears and traumatic memories.

Even today, I go through life, every day, with a fear of being hurt again. I shut myself at home, fearful of being in public.
I try to live my life, without having to justify myself all the time, because society still judges and does not really understand what it is like to be a woman who has suffered violence.

”Safety Net” is a ray of light in my life. I can see that things have changed in the last 20 years in terms of support for women victims of violence, and this encourages me.”

WIZO call on victims of violence: Get out at all cost!! If you are in a violent relationship, ask for help from someone who specializes in domestic violence.

There is no greater tragedy, nothing more destructive, than staying in a violent relationship, alone with your devastating secret.”

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